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The Sampler's table, downloading sampling maps and work orders, generating sample labels, and indicating sampling completion. New work order view.

When logging in you will see the Sampler's table on the dashboard.

The pop out menu  Staff Area on the left, permits you to add your team to access your company's assigned orders

on the new GMS Lab website.  This is controlled by inviting your employees via adding their email address.

All the orders assigned to your company will appear on the dashboard. 

The first column's icons are similar to the legacy website.

The printer icon [unfortunately there is not a batch print feature], prints the workorder & the 2nd page printing the plat map.

The tag icon will print the labels for the bags.

The last icon will show if zipped boundary & points are available.

The 2nd column will show the status of the field -

The large green circled check mark indicates the field is ready to sample.

The field alert is controlled by the company who originated the order.


Below is the Dealer [originator] view.  Their status column has a green checkmark icon & when selected will mark the field 'Ready to Sample'



GMS Lab also has a new look for the printed workorder.  Areas blocked in red are relevant to the sampler.

[All information that was previously on the legacy workorder is still visible only shown in columns instead of blocked.]

                                                                    Page 2 will print the plat map.



At this time, there is not an upload for new or adjusted boundary & points. 

Please email zipped shapefiles back to the office to [email protected] & [email protected]


After uploading any new field data back to the office, please mark the order sampled by selecting the checkmark.







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